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A few examples of past CAD work.

All contents are projects assigned or personal design and research on various jewelry-making techniques.

Most of our work assignments are NDA protected and cannot be showcased, protection of a client's intellectual property is one of our unbreachable codes of ethics. 

Machine Testing:

We tested and used too many machines to list here. Being an early adopter has its pitfalls.

Ember from Autodesk for example:

Good ideas, but implementation.

Autodesk pulled the plug on its first and only piece of hardware, I was fortunate to sell my unit at a small loss before its resale value dropped to $0

Ember 3D printer
3D Printer X-Violet

Machine Design:

Developed from scratch, UV DLP 3D printer, using Young Optics Industrial Light Engine. 

Powered by NanoDLP

Jewelry CNC Milling
Jewelry CNC Milling

CNC Work:

Milling precious metals (18KY/Pt950) on prototyping benchtop CNC mill.

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