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PaveTool 4.0.0

PaveTool 4.0.0

Pavetool 4.0  is a plugin for professional 3D modeling for Rhinoceros 5.0 (32 and 64 bit) and Rhinoceros 4.0 (32 bit)  for the embedding of gemstones on polisupefici double curvature with a wide range of advanced editing tools for stone and designer labels.
  • Details

    Pavetool 4.0 revolutionizes the concept of embedding as it is not limited to "fill" a surface or polysurface with precious stones but allows you to add value to the collections by placing stones in a fanciful way to create interesting and attractive aesthetic reasons
    Pavetool 4.0 reduces the cost of embedding is to reduce the design time, and for the possibility to solve the paving stones using virtually the same caliber

    - paved surfaces and polysurfaces double curvature
    - advanced management of stones with editing functions of the caliber local
    - automatic filling of the edges with distance setting variable in an interactive way - management and creation of a database of personalized stones
    - Accurate knowledge of the distance between the stones in each position of the surface
    - running a pavé stones with the same caliber in order to minimize the cost of embedding
    - execution of drawings and aesthetic reasons with stones the same or different carat
    - ability to save the configuration of the pavé and adapt to models similar to those used at the start
    - advanced management of the jaws
    - dell'aggiornatura execution and engraving burin for jewelry
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